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Bolduc Walls and Pavers

We, at Emerald Landscape Supply, feel that Bolduc walls and pavers are a perfect fit with our business.  For over 50 years Bolduc has demonstrated a commitment to quality and excellence.  Bolduc is dedicated to offering their customers nothing but the best and at Emerald we will accept nothing less for our customers.
    If you are interested in purchasing any Bolduc products please stop by and pick up a Bolduc catalogue, view our product displays and ask us any questions you may have regarding products or pricing.  You may also want to visit Bolduc on the web and explore their product lines.

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Bolduc Quality Control

"The expertise of our highly experienced team and the care they use in selecting all materials used in our state-of-the-art manufacturing plants guarantee you unbeatable quality."
25 Year Warranty
Bolduc's quality pavers, walls, curbs and slabs withstand the test of time - They guarantee it !

"Bolduc's laboratories innovate constantly to develop new colors and new concrete finishes with the aim of producing the toughest, most stable and most uniform products on the market. Backed by constant and thorough quality control checks, we introduce new solutions and products to meet your needs. The Bolduc team is driven by a single ambition; to make products that satisfy your expectations for beauty, durability, and excellence.  Bolduc is proud to bring you products Fashioned in line with nature to help enhance your property."


Bolduc Walls and Pavers

A word from Bolduc

"Over the past 50 years, Bolduc has fashioned a colorful family of over 1,000 cement products drawing their inspiration from nature itself.

Always on the cutting edge, Bolduc continues to innovate, collection after collection, to bring you quality products designed to stand the test of time.

Bolduc develops rich color blends whose natural finishes make all the difference in your outdoor spaces."