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Bulk Wall Stone Products

Emerald Landscape Supply is a customer focused supplier of quality landscaping materials. Our mission is to provide our customers with superior quality, value and service.  We have listed a number of our most popular products below for your convenience and we urge you to visit us at 38 Hedges Pond Rd. in Plymouth, MA, or call us at (508) 888-8828.

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New England Fieldstone (NE Fieldstone)

New England FieldstoneNew England Fieldstone has a timeless beauty and elegance that is ideally suited for retaining wall and accent wall construction.  This native stone has earthy colors, is extremely hard and durable and has a rounded irregular shape that must be carefully patched together to create a wall you can be proud of.

New England Fieldstone walls can be dry stacked but are far more durable when mortar is used.  The mortar can be dug out of the joints between stones if both durability and a dry stacked appearance are desired (see image on the right).  Keep in mind that fieldstone is very heavy and most walls will require a crushed stone or poured concrete footing for support.  When ordering fieldstone in bulk, you can benefit from significant discounts compared to palletized stone, but you must remember that you will have substantially more waste.  This waste stone is often used to back the wall and will add tremendous stability and excellent drainage.  Drainage should be considered when constructing any retaining wall, as poor drainage can lead to instability of your wall.

New England Fieldstones are also frequently used as accent pieces in landscaping beds, borders for driveways or landscaping areas, stepping stones and more.

Native New England Boulders (NE Boulders)

Native New England BouldersNative New England Boulders are essentially huge New England Fieldstones.  These mammoth rocks can create a stunning visual effect when used as a focal point in a landscape area or when assembled into a large retaining wall.  Boulders have been used to create seawalls, retaining walls, landscape features and traffic barriers.  These rocks need to be delivered in a large truck and are far too heavy to move or reposition by hand.  A piece of heavy equipment will be required if you want a boulder to rest in a particular position or if you want to build a retaining wall.  Like any retaining wall, adequate drainage should be provided behind a boulder retaining wall.  Typically the base course of a boulder wall is set two to three feet beneath the ground surface.  Boulder walls are normally laid back between 45 degrees and 10 degrees. Boulder walls have relatively large joints and gaps for soils and aggregates to leach through so they should be backed with filter fabric when possible in order to avoid persistent washouts. 



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