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Horticultural Mix

Emerald Landscape Supply is a customer focused supplier of quality landscaping materials. Our mission is to provide our customers with superior quality, value and service.  We have listed a number of our most popular products below for your convenience and we urge you to visit us at 38 Hedges Pond Rd. in Plymouth, MA, or call us at (508) 888-8828.

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Key Elements of Planting Soil?

Planting soil is the foundation of your garden and planting beds.  A good quality planting soil must have the following elements:

Nitrogen: Promote leafy, green growth. If nitrogen content is too high, it can delay flowering plants and vegetables.

Phosphorous: Promotes strong root systems and helps increase fruiting.

Potassium: Benefits overall plant strength and flowering

 Our Organic Horticultural Mix

Horticultural mix should be created with the finest components to ensure it contains the vital ingredients your plants need and a structure that will accommodate plant growth.  Our horticultural mix is an ideal blend of the following ingredients:

·Peat moss – Neutral, nutrient rich peat, excellent for retaining moisture

·Organic Compost – Neutral, high organic, nutrient rich compost

·Top Soil – Variable PH naturally occurring loam material, with valuable nutrients

·Sand – Neutral medium, excellent for creating a soil that will drain excess water and allow air and roots to pass through it



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