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Loam Products

Emerald Landscape Supply is a customer focused supplier of quality landscaping materials. Our mission is to provide our customers with superior quality, value and service.  We have listed a number of our most popular products below for your convenience and we urge you to visit us at 38 Hedges Pond Rd. in Plymouth, MA, or call us at (508) 888-8828.

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What is Loam?

Loam, often referred to as topsoil, is soil that is comprised of relatively equal measures of sand silt and clay.  Combining these three soil types you generally improve upon any one soil type with respect to the ability to cultivate life.  Loam or topsoil typically has more stability, nutrients and organics (humus) than sand and better drainage and workability than silt or clay.  The ideal loam will be nutrient rich, retain moisture well but still drain freely and be granular enough to facilitate tilling.

Good Practices for Growing Grass

  1. Make sure the loam you spread stays loose and fluffy (do not compact).  Rent a tiller and till loam that has been in place and is now compacted.

  2. Use starter fertilizer and lime:  ideally this high phosphorus fertilizer and soil conditioner should be tilled into the loam and followed by light watering.

  3. Spread your seed and lightly rake it into the top layer of loam.  Rent a small lawn roller (do not put any water in it) and gently roll your recently seeded loam.

  4. Water evenly several times a day with a light, gently spray and you will soon see life sprouting from your soil!


Loam Products